Social Injustice

I went to a movie for $4 last night.  That was exciting, but I knew nothing of the movie we were going to see, so as it started, I settled back, keeping my expectations low and tried to ignore the fact that my contacts were making me want to rip my eyeballs out.  The story that unfolded before me caused so many different emotions that I had a hard time staying in the seat during the whole thing.

We saw Changeling and I’m not sure I’ve ever been quite so..well, pissed off for lack of a better description.  The way power completely corrupted people and pride kept things so frustratingly corrupt that children were brutally murdered so no one had to admit they made a mistake.

Blood Diamond produced equal rage in my heart at the way people were treated all for the sake of greed.  Disgusting.

In my human geography class we watched a video about North Korea and it, as well, stirred up a near vomitous reaction in me that was, to be quite honest, a fairly new sensation.

Tonight there is a lecture on the Rwanda Genocide.

We live in such a harsh and corrupt world, which begs the question, why doesn’t this open our eyes and see that we were created for so much more?


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