Life Lessons from Lingerie

I work for America’s number one feminine undergarment retailer.  I won’t name names, but I’m assuming if you live in America, you know exactly what bra-monopoly I’m referring to.  Many of my friends are puzzled or at least intrigued by the fact that I chose this particular place of employment.  And I’d like to say that my motivation was to reach the lost and starving for attention women who come in with their boyfriends to ask them what they would like to see.  However, my initial motivation was solely because I needed a new job, a new challenge, and more money/hours than I was currently getting, and this particular place was hiring. And the discount definitely wasn’t un-attractive.  😉

But the more I work there, the more my heart has started to soften and slowly long for these girls to know that there’s more to beauty than what meets the eye.  Cliche?  Yes, but true.  Yesterday a woman came in and while we were talking she pointed at the advertisement and said “I want to look like her.”  I jokingly quipped “Oh don’t we all?”  A distant look fell over her face as she nearly whispered “I just want to be beautiful.”  I’m pretty sure all intelligible language left my being as I stood there dumbly, frantically searching my brain as to what to say to this woman who was immediately 10x more beautiful in my eyes merely for being willing to say out loud what she was really thinking in her heart.

I’m sure I made her uncomfortable as I stared at her, my heart pretty much in two as I realized I work for a company that makes women feel ugly when they constantly compare themselves to these amazingly impossibly-proportioned airbrushed women who probably haven’t eaten anything but grass in 10 years.  I idiotically nodded ok and smiled weakly as she walked away and said she’d just like to look around for a while.

Not too long after this incident my boss noticed I was having a hard time really giving it my all up in the front room (which I had previously been kicking…butt…in if I do say so myself) and chalking it up to rude customers (of which I saw my fair share yesterday) she allowed me to spend the last 15 minutes of my shift straightening up the back part of the store.

I recoil inside to look back on this interaction and have all the right words now.  I replay this scene and it goes so differently.  I ask quick and deeply pointed questions that cut to the heart of the matter and I tell her about the man who takes great delight and pleasure in her—ALL of her.  With or without the $50 bra I’m trying to sell her to impress my managers (all of which are gathered in my front room watching and listening to every word I say.)

Why did I freeze?

God please tell this woman she’s beautiful.  Please.  Open her heart and shine your light on all of her nasty mess and clean it.  Transform her heart and soul.

We are all this woman.  We all long for something more.  We were created this way–to long for something deeply perfect that will satisfy us beyond our wildest dreams.

We were created for His glory.


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