Freedom: a blessing and a curse?


Politics. I hate politics. When discussing that with a friend, I was asked if I really hated everything about them…including freedom of speech/thought in my case, freedom of religion…etc. And yes, ok, I do appreciate those aspects. But as I was falling asleep, I began to think that without the freedom of religion, we might have a lot more serious relationships with Jesus. We would be faced with such a deep gravity of making a decision that could mean our own deaths, that at that point of decision, I would not doubt a persons’ “conversion”. Today, I question daily the amount of “Christians” who roam about these streets, plastering Christ’s name on their harbored sin and wickedness. Do they really know the Jesus from the Bible? Do I really know the Jesus from the Bible? Our spiritual disciplines suffer greatly from our lack of urgency and passion. If it were outlawed, how many of us would finally grasp the necessity of reading His word, praying and fasting, and desperately seek the Lord through such means?

Reaching the globe under such circumstances would prove to be a slow and arduous process, one that could never be undertaken lightly (as is the case in our generation sometimes). I wonder if it would delay the ultimate coming of the Lord that I so desperately long for, or would our understanding of the great commission increase exponentially and cause us to go out full force, offering our bodies as sacrifices so that all my know and understand. Martyrdom has never failed to produce an outpouring of revival and resurgence of the gospel, for we see a human, like our own wretched selves, willing to give everything so that others may taste and see that God is good.

I often wonder what my reaction would be if torture were staring me in the face, threatening my very life demanding I give up and renounce my Jesus. I may never know, but part of me prays (ever so hesitantly) to be so grounded in the love of my savior that nothing can move my feet from the foundation of Christ.

People want fire insurance, comfort, and success. Not a savior. What would American Christianity look like if calling oneself a Christian no longer held a semblance of safety and security?


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