I’m lazy

I haven’t updated my blog since the beginning of December.  I think the more I have going on in my life, the less I care about filling everyone in.  Not that there is an “everyone” who actually reads this!

So I”m getting married..that’s really exciting.

My fiance is living in Africa until December with a 2 week visit home this summer.  That’s not too fun, but we’re learning so much.  By the grace of God this time will be used greatly in our future together.  I can’t wait to refer to him as my “husband” instead of fiance.  I was so glad to make the jump from boyfriend to fiance, although I don’t think I ever once introduced him as my boyfriend, simply because I think that word is ridiculous and makes me feel…well, like I’m in junior high again.

I’m hanging out with my niece while I do my laundry at my brother and sister-in-laws house.  We’ve had fun.  She read me books.  (She’s almost 2).  She would open the book, say “nawoiehigahHIGWAj” (yeah, I’m pretty sure that’s what she said) on every page and then close it and cry out “END!”  Now she’s staring mindlessly at Barney.  I hate barney.  And she’s putting her doll to bed.  She’s probably the cutest kid ever, except she is convinced either I am my little sister Bekka, or she would just rather have Bekka here.  Last time I babysat, we were reading a book, and it was around bedtime.  She curled up in my arms and said “bed?”  So I took her upstairs, we got ready for bed, I read her 2 books, put her in her crib and said ready?  She said “night! bye bye!”  And went to sleep.  I’m not sure any kid can ever measure up to her.

Well, I’ve done this out of obligation, so I really don’t have any witty comments or words of wisdom.  I’m going to watch Barney with the cutest kid in the world right now and I’ll enjoy every minute of it.  The things you do for those you love right?


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