Internal Processors make bad bloggers

I’ve had this conversation with my sister before.  We tend to think everything through before we say it.  And generally, we decide that what we thought about saying really wouldn’t make a difference if left unsaid, so we tend to just stay quiet.   And, when I do have something that I want to say, my first instinct is not to update the cyber world.  My fiance is much better at this.  You should read his blog.

Today, on my way to tan (I had a free thing for Ashley Lynns–I don’t normally tan!) I came upon somewhat of a traffic jam.  Turns out there was a 3 car accident and as soon as I was the next person to go through the intersection, the fire truck came up and the police officer stepped in front of me.  I stopped.  As well as about 50 cars behind me.  I sat there confused as to what to do.  I could get around the truck without much difficulty and I thought about it, because I didn’t want to be the reason all these people behind me had to sit in this traffic jam.  What if I was allowed to go through, and didn’t?  Well, turns out I did the right thing, because firemen (and maybe a woman, I couldn’t really tell) were jumping in and out of the truck and soon an ambulence drove up.  Now, at this moment, one’s first response should be the sober realization that something was wrong.  But I’m ashamed to admit I was annoyed.  I had so much time, no where to be at that specific moment…no appointment…and yet I was annoyed.  I hope it was only after I realized that the firemen and police and ambulence people were basically strolling and milling about.  But my own response sickened me.

It’s amazing how selfish I can be without even realizing it.  In our Bible study we went through this grid to deal with following God’s laws, while turning to the gospel as our only means to do so, because without the Holy Spirit we are completely inept to obey God.  We are just to sinful.

Here’s the basic jist of the grid which you can use in your own personal study:

“Keller says that every passage asserts a moral imperative, either explicitly or implicitly.”

–read the passage–(whatever passage)

-What is the command?
-Why can’t you do it? (Be specific about your particular struggles to obey this command)
-How did Jesus do this perfectly (note specific examples in the gospels)?
-How can God’s spirit in you empower you to actually obey this command (in specific situations)?


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