Hello, good friend.

I’ve missed you.  My mind has many thoughts that this blog could turn itself towards, yet I am unsure where to even begin.  I’m listening to Pandora, completing some last minute wedding details that probably could have been taken care of 12 months ago.  Feeling very alone.  I’m not a fan of the several feet of snow piling up outside.  Everything inside me wants to just get in my car and drive to where I know there is warmth in smiles, laughter in hearts, and joy in souls.

A question I’ve been rolling around in my mind is what am I passionate about?  I work for a company that provides rehab for people with brain injuries and spinal cord injuries, and we focus a lot of effort on helping them get out of bed in the morning.  Both physically and emotionally.  What is motivating to them? What are they passionate about?

For a while now, I have felt…well…less than passionate.   I’m merely surviving, and I hate that.  I want to thrive where I am.  I can’t tell if this is just the stage of life the Lord has me in, or if I should begin really pursuing something that is truly motivating to my heart.

Music.  I want to sing harmony.  Play my violin.  Play piano and guitar until my fingers bleed.  All while praising my savior.
Ministry.  I miss studying the Word with women, asking questions, laughing, crying.  Figuring out fun ways to invite more women to join our group.  Pursuing lost and broken souls.
Community.  My heart longs to have friends with whom James and I can spend time.  Edifying, quality, uplifting time. Friends who can challenge us, know us, love us.

These are three things that are truly motivating to me.   The Lord has created me for a purpose, and I know the life I am living right now is not it in it’s fullest.


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