The heart of a leader is one who serves..

My husband is such a servant.  No lie.  If there’s anyone who challenges me more in servant leadership, it is him. I’ll tell you why.

For the first 4 months of our marriage, he worked two jobs so that all of my income could continue to go towards our car payment and student loan debt so we can be debt free (thanks Dave Ramsey!) as soon as possible.  Did I mention that his extra job required him to work from 4-8 in the MORNING?

But it’s not just the big things like living off very little sleep.  He helps my friends move when their boyfriends are overseas fighting in the military.  He helps ladies in Walmart get things down off the top shelf, and I smile as they walk by and say “well, there are a few good ones left.” Today, we went to walmart to get me some medicine (apparently after we got married, my immune system tanked..) and when he opened my car door for me (as he almost always does), the woman getting out of her car next to us said “aww, my husband never opens the car door for me!”

And tonight, while I”m upstairs in the house we’re living in (we live in the basement of a short term recovery house for people who’ve just had plastic surgery) icing a guest after her surgery (it’s an all night job we split into shifts) he graciously agreed to come up an hour and a half earlier so that I can rest.  That means he’ll be up at 1 am, icing a guest until 7 am…then he’ll go to work for 8 hours. And you know what?  He’ll probably come home from work to find me passed out in bed with no dinner on the table…and he’ll lovingly offer to make dinner..and cleanup after.  (Babe, if you read this before then, don’t make dinner!)

But you know what?  It’s not because he’s just “a good guy”.  He’s no Mr. Cleaver just to put up a good image for others to admire.  It’s because he loves Jesus that he’s willing to love and serve me and those around us.  I love thinking about what it will be like to walk next to Jesus one day.  I am certain he will always make you feel as if you are treasured and adored and every word you say is worth hanging on, even when we both know He is the one worthy of all my attention, devotion and adoration.

James, thank you for being a reflection of Jesus in my life, and in the lives around us.  I am so thankful for you and love you so much.


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