Christmas in Leviticus

Of course!  Didn’t you know that the perfect book to study during this Christmas season is the book outlining and detailing animal sacrifices and laws?  Well, I certainly did not have that viewpoint when I started reading Leviticus a few days ago.

I recently finished studying Hebrews again, which was just amazing.  The call of God to continue looking towards the end–keep your eyes on the Prize (Jesus and eternity with Him) and you will not only endure, but live your life to the fullest here on this earth.  When I finished Hebrews, I was again convicted that I frequently avoid the Old Testament out of fear of boredom. There, I said it.  Yes, the Old Testament seems boring at times to me.  So I looked through the books I haven’t read yet, and decided it was time to tackle Leviticus.  Just the name of the book makes me want to not read it.

Oh how God is gracious to me.  In my complacent heart, He began to stir a desire to see how the Old Testament connects to the New Testament and ultimately points to the Bible’s central and main Character.  Jesus Christ himself.  But again, as I considered my book of choice, I thought maybe I should spend December in Luke instead.  You know, really studying Jesus and the Christmas story.  But the press to stay in the Old Testament remained, so I began to read.  About animal sacrifices.  About removing entrails and fat and pouring and throwing blood on the sides of the altar.  About the priests getting to eat the remaining grain offerings.  It was all a little bit repetitive if you ask me.  But I pressed on, and God began to show me how indeed all of these rituals and rules and laws and sacrifices paved the way for the Ultimate Sacrifice to come and offer His own Flesh and Blood in place of any animal or grain offering for the rest of eternity.  From the time sin entered the world through one man, God has been setting the stage for His ultimate redeeming act.  Everything He created and put on this earth points back to His Son. And this Christmas season, we celebrate the birth of this Jesus Christ into this fallen world.  We celebrate the birth of the man who came to live a perfect life and then be crucified and sacrificed on behalf of our sins.

So, while Leviticus might not seem the Christmas book of choice for most, it is where I will be camping this Holiday Season.  Because His birth led to His sacrifice which allows me to have a relationship with Him, and for that I am and will be eternally grateful.

“Oh give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!” -Psalm 118:29



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