Life in the Pruch household, newborn and all

Well, we have a new life in our home now.  I don’t blog often, and I imagine having a baby girl is going to impede that even more.  Although, James has mentioned I should create a new blog considering the address to this one still includes my maiden name.  Oops.  So maybe I’ll create a new blog, and have a page for updates on our family life, and updates on everything else that I write about (albeit infrequently.)  We’ll see how that goes.

Anyway,on August 23, 2011, our little girl arrived at 10:23 pm.  Although it was a long day waiting for things to progress, (my water started leaking and I had to be induced), once the rest of my water broke at 8pm, things went extremely quickly.  The epidural was in place shortly thereafter, and I quickly (I don’t think I can accurately express how QUICKLY) she decided to come then.  I had to call the nurse in because I thought I could feel her coming out, so the Dr came in, and after pushing for 4 contractions, our little Bailey Noel Pruch made her appearance in the world!  Oh what an experience.

Here’s our baby girl, moments after birth.

Family Picture

Bailey has certainly kept us on our toes.  Within 3 days of going home, we were back in the ER with her, due to some breathing that was sounding pretty bad.  Her pediatrician advised us to head in and get her checked out (it was a Sunday).  After a few blood tests, a chest xray, and many tears from all three of us, we found out she most likely has what’s called Tracheomalacia.  Basically that means her windpipe isn’t hard, so it makes noise when she breathes.  Unfortunately, there’s nothing they can do but just let her grow out of it, but the good news is most kids grow out of it by 6 months of age.  Until then, we have a snorting, grunting & gurgling little girl.

I am not returning to work, so I can stay home and raise our kids.  This is something I’ve always wanted and felt convicted to do, and I praise the Lord for a husband who feels the same way, and for the budgeting abilities to make it work.  That being said, Bailey and I are still trying to find our rhythm throughout the day.  We pretty much have her on a 3 hour schedule, and are attempting to follow the Baby Wise advice.  (check out the book here).  However, I have never been at home this much before in my life, so I have struggled with knowing what to do.  Feeding has been a chore so far, and while that takes a good chunk of my day, I generally struggle with feeling guilty that I don’t get much else done.  Now that she is on a better routine (most days) though, I have been able to get a little more done around the house and have it be more of a peaceful and clean space when James gets home from work.

I really want to create a place of “Shalom” for my family.  I read this on a blog once, Shalom meaning “completeness, soundness, safety, peace, quiet, tranquility, contentment, friendship, peace (from war).  To be in a place of peace, to cause to be at peace, to be complete, to be finished, to make safe, to restore.”  More on that later. 🙂

Anyway, the past five weeks have absolutely flown by.  So much has happened!  Bailey has met all her grandparents and aunts and uncles except Ben and Amy who are in China and will be until she’s two!  She had her pictures taken (what a disaster that was!), she’s experienced 3 or 4 Husker games, all of which she has slept through.  At one month, we very unceremoniously transitioned her from sleeping in her bassinet in our room into her crib, which has gone very well.

She only wakes up once during the night to eat, which is a huge blessing.  We had a few rough nights where she was up every hour, but she has been a champ!  The next thing we are working towards is transitioning from disposable diapers to cloth diapers.  🙂  Think I’m crazy?  Well, maybe I am, but I am for sure crazy about the amount of money we’ll save instead of buying diapers every week!  And they’re so cute!

Well there you have it folks.  Life in the Pruch household is every bit baby right now, and we’re loving every exhausting minute of it.


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