First Foster Meeting

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Ok, so we went to our first “Orientation” to foster parenting at an agency last night.  I left a little nervous and slightly doubtful we can do this.  But I was reminded in my heart that God doesn’t call us to “easy”.  And James reminded me we live in a world where we aren’t expected to do hard things.  But God didn’t take the easy way out.  He sacrificed his Son for my life, I can sacrifice time and comfort to care for his children.
It was interesting to see that we were the only heterosexual married couple at the orientation.  Everyone else appeared to be a single parent or there was a lesbian couple as well.  I won’t make judgements, but it did open my eyes to the desperate need for Christians to open their homes to these kids.

We have had another agency recommended to us by three different sources, and I have an email to set up an appointment to meet with a worker from that agency hopefully soon to gather more info from them.  Their training doesn’t start until January and goes through April, so it looks like we wouldn’t be licensed until next spring or summer.  A lot goes into this, and as we move forward, I know it will take a great deal of sacrifice, but I pray that it is our joy to give our time, energy and love to care for a child.

Keep praying that we will follow the Lord’s leading in this and will be a good home for a girl in need.


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