Weekend Away, and Foster Care Meeting

The Fall Retreat was fabulous.  Leaving my baby and driving to church was a little rough, and I shed a few tears, but I was trusting that this would be a good weekend serving the Lord.  It was so fun to see my girls once we got to the camp, and they are such a blast that it really helped me relax and just enjoy the weekend (even though I think the total amount of sleep I got was probably about 7-8 hours…between the two nights.)  But really, who wouldn’t have a ton of fun with these girls??

As soon as we got to camp, James started talking to the speaker for the weekend, Ed Noble, and happened to mention that we left our 3 month old at home for the weekend.  Ed looked at me and said that was awesome, because we are setting a precedent for our family that we serve the Lord.  And I totally agree–I want Bailey and the rest of our children to grow up knowing without a doubt that our family serves the Lord, even when it’s difficult or painful.

And it looks like she had a blast with both sets of grandparents. 🙂


Last night we met with a caseworker from an agency that had been recommended to us by three separate people.  She came out to our place and just talked to us about their agency and their need for homes.  I asked about their pool of younger girls (we have to let her share a room with Bailey, so we have to be specific in the age and gender of the child we’ll take).  Other agencies have given off a somewhat irritated vibe when I ask this question as their biggest needs are families to take sibling strips as well as older children and boys.  But this caseworker was fabulous and said they simply need homes.  We might not get a placement right away, but the fact that I am a stay at home mom also helps if they need to place a newborn somewhere that can’t go to daycare.  Yikes…we just got Bailey sleeping through the night, and soon we could have another little one waking up every 2-3 hours to eat!  Sleep deprivation, here we come. 🙂 

We’ll take a class that runs from January to April and will complete two home studies and lots and lots of paperwork.  Lord willing we’ll be licensed by the end of spring. 

So for those of you who pray, be praying that our home would be a place of shalom (complete peace) for a child, whenever the Lord sees fit.

Bailey is 3 months old today!  Check back soon for some great pictures.


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