Stealing this from Marie’s blog. 🙂  Check it out! 

Obsessing over: peppermint mocha coffee creamer and Bailey’s sleep schedule (30 minute naps are not enough!)

Working on: December’s meal plan and saving $ on the grocery list this week. 🙂
Thinking about:  what it must have felt like for Mary to hold a little baby Jesus and know he would be the one to save her own soul. Holding my baby girl has really changed my perspective this Christmas.

Anticipating: starting our foster parenting training class in January, Christmas, and the first snowfall.

Listening to: mm…silence.  Probably for only the next 30 minutes until Bailey wakes up again.  However, previously I was listening to Michael Buble’s Christmas Album.  For real folks, it’s amazing.
Drinking: Cherry Pomegranate crystal light.  In our house it’s known as “Red Stuff.”

Wishing: That apartments were like fun dorms and everyone was friends and we all just hung out. However, it seems that people who live in apartments are hermits (myself included at times) and no one talks to each other.  James and I have become the creepy neighbors who know everyone’s names and stories, and they have no idea who we are when they see us outside the context of this building. Awkward.


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