Bailey’s 1st Thanksgiving

I’m loving that this entire first year is just a bunch of firsts for our baby.  Her first Thanksgiving was a blast, and she sure got lots of loving from all her family!  We spent Thanksgiving Day with James’s parents and our friend from China and his friend who both were in town. Here are a few pics from the Pruch Thanksgiving. 

Best face ever.

Almost got a good family pic.  Too bad Bailey wouldn’t smile.
Then on Sunday the 27th, we traveled to Lincoln to have lunch with my family, and a few extended Loge (my mom’s side) relatives. My brother and sister-in-law had a baby 2 weeks before Bailey was born, so we have lots of baby entertainment on that side!
 Best thing about multiple Thanksgivings?  We get to show off more of her cute outfits!
Bailey and her cousin Brody.  Best friends!
(For some reason I CANNOT get this picture to load horizontally)

 Oh yeah, I dyed my hair brown so people would know Bailey is my kid.  Just kidding, it was just time for a change! 🙂
Papa, Momor and the 3 kiddos. So fun!

Our little family of 5 has now doubled to 10!  
Bailey also just attended her first ugly sweater Christmas party.  Unfortunately we didn’t have a baby sweater for her, so she got to wear her footy pajamas.  I’ll try to post pictures of that later.  
As I am blessed with such amazing families, I continually am more and more excited about welcoming a child into our family even for a brief time.  Our foster training class starts January 17th and lasts through April.  Can’t wait!

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