Let’s cure that baby fever…

All you married ladies out there who have baby fever, you are invited to my house for coffee.  Right now.  I mean immediately, so that you can sit with me and listen to my baby scream her sweet little head off while I feebly attempt to hold it together and not go pick her up and snuggle her and make everything better. 

For real.  You want a baby right now because all you see are the cute little babies who behave in public.  They are so sweet in someone’s arms, smiling and cooing, even sleeping soundly.  But let me tell you, alone in their cribs, they sound more like someone is torturing them by poking pins into their toes. 

Bailey, I love you to pieces.  Even your screams melt my heart in a way nothing ever has before.  If I thought it was best for you, I would swoop in to rescue you immediately at the slightest whimper.  But you need to learn to nap.  For both of our sanity.

You are so sweet.  The way you kick your little legs and talk up a storm after you eat, sometimes even giggling.  I love it when you bury your nose into my chest and fall asleep (even if it terrifies me that you’ll suffocate yourself).  I love when you hold my hand when I’m feeding you.  Makes me want to sit with you forever.  But right now, I want more than anything for you to sleep.  Please….just sleep.



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