Christmas at the Cross

The meaning of Christmas has been weighing heavily on my heart and soul. The primary reason? A little 13 lb. bundle sleeping in a wrap nestled into my chest. Literally, facedown in my chest, but she is still breathing, I promise. 

While my little princess will only be 4 months old during Christmas and likely won’t have any idea what’s going on, every tradition I’ve known in regard to Christmas is being challenged and tested this year as I contemplate how to raise my children to be disciples of Jesus. I want my children to grow up with no question in their hearts that Christmas is to celebrate Jesus.  Jesus is The Gift and I don’t want to idolize material things or look to them to bring me happiness. 

The main reason I need to really work this through is mainly for my own heart and its sanctification.  We decided to ask my family to not do gifts for anyone but the grandkids this year primarily so we could use that money to bless those who don’t have anything this Christmas.  And you know what my heart reaction was as I wrote the email to my family about this?  “Man, I’m really going to miss getting presents!”  Yes, I am still 12.

So as James and I embark on this new life as a family, we get the joy and pleasure of starting our own family traditions during this season, and it is our joy as well as duty to make sure that The Gift of Jesus Christ is magnified greatly in our home and in our lives.   


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