Christmas as a family..part 1

Wow has December been busy! 

So far Bailey has…

Experienced her first snow…

 Finally met her great grandparents on my side (she hadn’t met either set yet as they live two hours away.) 

 Helped me cook our red and green Christmas meal as a little family (delicious sausage rigatoni!)

(Wearing the wonderful apron my wonderful husband got me for my birthday)

Danced in the kitchen with her mommy and daddy…

 Opened her first present from us..

Which happened to be adorable little shoes to match her awesome Christmas dress!

 Kicking them off immediately…

 Opened her gift from her grandpa and grandma–which may make me happier than it does her!

 Then she got to watch us open our gifts to each other.  I’m sure this was her favorite part. 🙂

 My awesome husband bought me the comfiest Vera Wang slipper boots. I had to try them on immediately.

 And this awesome parenting book that we will read together.  Seems like yesterday I was reading dating books and praying for God to bring me a man who would love me and care for me…I never would have guessed that I would be so blessed to be married to such a wonderful man now and have a precious little daughter already!!

James was excited about his movies–Book of Eli, and The Night at the Museum 2…Both of which we will probably watch today on our “movie day” of relaxation.

Next up on the Christmas “to do” list for Bailey–have her Christmas parties with Grandma and Grandpa and aunt and uncle on Christmas eve, then Papa and Mormor and aunts and uncles on Christmas day.  Loving our first Christmas as a family! 


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