Family Christmas part 2…

And so Christmas continued for the next several days…Christmas Eve being spent with the Pruch family playing Tim’s invented and infamous (in my book) “Coconut Game.”  Basically it is an extreme gift exchange where everyone comes out a big winner!

Grandpa with sweet little B.  She wasn’t quite sure what to make of the “Coconut Game.”

Then Christmas morning, Bailey arrived in the bathroom while I was getting ready with this little surprise!  So adorable.  My sweet husband surprised me with precious pearl earrings (my favorite.)

Then it was off to the land of my birth to spend time with the Forsmans.  Bailey loves hanging out with her cousin Brody!

 This is where they spent the entire present opening session.

Mormor with two of her babies.

The aftermath of the living room…

There you have it everyone!  Bailey’s first official Christmas!  Next year might be a little more exciting for her, but we sure enjoyed celebrating Jesus’ birth with our own little darling daughter!


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