5 Months!

Our little girl is growing so fast!  Today she is 5 months old, and it really has FLOWN by.  My little pumpkin has changed so much in the past 5 months.

She makes LOTS of noise…

She giggles and laughs a lot–mostly when we’re at home and no one else is around…apparently she inherited my “quiet in public” nature. 🙂

And this is a new trick she learned after hanging out with Grandma…although she’s only done it once with Grandma and once with me…

She may also be the coldest blooded baby I’ve ever met.  She now refuses to sleep unless she is bundled in her “Polar Bear” (which is what we call her winter coat thing).  After a few sleepless nights (for all of us) we figured out she wanted to be in this thing all night long as well.  (We had just been letting her nap in it).

She mostly tolerates bath time, but LOVES to play naked wrapped in a towel after. Check out that hair! 🙂

Bailey was also dedicated at church yesterday.  This means that James and I commit to living our lives as Bailey’s primary spiritual disciplers, and while ultimately her salvation is up to God alone, we will do our best to make sure she never goes a day without hearing about Jesus’ saving grace.

She hasn’t started solid foods yet, and that’s ok with us/me.  Milk is just fine (and is still free!) 🙂
She also has not rolled over, nor has she shown any real interest.  Hopefully this is a sign that she will be very calm and tranquil her whole life! Even during the terrible twos??  We’ll see.

She went through a very long stage of only taking about 20-45 minute naps, and if the past week is any indication, we may be through that. (Praise the Lord!)  She has been sleeping much better during the day, which makes my days much  more enjoyable!

Anyway, Bailey, you are such a joy and you have captured my heart.  There is no one with whom I would rather spend each day (well, I’d enjoy it if your father were home all day too, but someone has to make some money so can eat!).  I love you sweet pea.


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