Heaven Is In My Heart

Close your eyes. 

Well, hopefully they’re still open so you can read this, otherwise you’re sitting there wondering, “What on earth?”  So read this first as the music plays, then close your eyes and listen to it again.

This song was played at my wedding as my bridesmaids and groomsmen walked down the aisle, and then I entered at the highpoint of the song.  To this day, at the first strike of the piano keys, I am transported right back to that chapel, waiting with my friends, giggling in glee and sheer excitement to see my soon to be husband and run walk down the aisle to marry him. 

I stood on this side of those looming closed doors squeezing my dad’s arm so tightly he had to flex his bicep to keep my fingers from digging in too deeply. 

I kept glancing at our wedding coordinator asking with my eyes, “is it time??”  Oh be still my heart, my tears may just spill over. 

At just the right moment, when the piano jumps an octave and the entire song crescendos, my heart nearly leapt out of my chest as Kathy finally opened the doors and dad and I walked down the aisle until there we stood. 

I could see my groom. 

Oh how long we had waited for this day.

Heaven is in my heart.  My longing for this moment with Jesus is increasing daily. As I close my eyes and let the music play, the gates open, and there He stands where He has been waiting an eternity.

For His bride.  

For me.


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