Best job in the world.

I should be getting ready because my parents are coming into town and going to get me into Sam’s so I can stock up on laundry detergent…but my heart is just so full of joy right now and let me tell you why.

I have the best job in the world.

So here’s my list of reasons why.

  • When I am sick, or when my baby is sick, I don’t have to take sick days to stay home.  
  • I get to go to the grocery store on Monday morning, when everyone else is on their way to work.  It’s actually a very peaceful time. 
  • I have time to workout during the day.  (Except for the past 3 weeks when either Bailey or I have been sick…can’t wait to get back!)
  • I have discovered I actually like cooking, but just haven’t had time to enjoy it before now.  
  • I can spend time reading my Bible and praying during the mid-morning, which is my favorite time of the day.  
  • Part of my job description includes laundry.  This is weird, but I actually really enjoy doing laundry. 
  • When my baby does something cute during the day, I get to take pictures and video of it and send it to her daddy. 🙂 
  • I am still in my sweats and would probably stay in them if not for needing to go out in public. 
  • I get to read my little girl The Jesus Storybook Bible as much as I want during the day.  Best book ever.
  • I get to spend all day every day with this sweet little thing.  Could it get any better??

I can’t wait for summer when we will get to do fun things during the day like go to the library and the park and go swimming and just plain be outside! 

Did you see this article on how much my salary would be if I were actually paid to do what I do?


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