A Clean Closet and a Lesson about Jesus’ Grace

Last Saturday, my husband went on a cleaning spree.  If you know James at all, this will not surprise you, and I am eternally grateful for this aspect of his character. 🙂  He even went so far as to refold all my tshirts (of which there are MANY!) and place them neatly back in their intended place in my closet.  I went to change out of my sweats later that day (probably way later than is responsible for a 25 year old mother) and asked him if he was just so tired of looking at my mess that he decided to do something about it. 

His response?  No.  I just love you.

The next day, I was foraging through the once neat pile of tshirts to find a good workout one before I went to the Y.  As I was walking away from the mess I had just created, I looked at the pile and remembered the work that my dear sweet husband had done just the day before in cleaning it all up for me.  So I quickly folded up all my shirts and placed them back into their designated spot. 

The lesson I learned?  Why I obey even though Jesus’ grace has taken away my need to obey.  Jesus came in and cleaned up my “mess” of sin in my heart, and because I did nothing to deserve it, when I see any potential sin in my heart and life, I am motivated to remove it as quickly as possible because of all that work that Jesus had already done. 

You can read a much more theological version of what motivates us to good works on James’s blog, but this was my dumbed down “real-life” version. 🙂 


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