Six months

My little girl is past the 6 month mark!  I can’t believe she has been in our lives for well over a year now (starting from pregnancy last December).  When people tell you the time flies, they are not joking.  B had her 6 month checkup last week (a week after she actually turned 6 months) and weighed in at a whopping 17lbs!  No wonder my arms get tired when I carry her around.  She is pretty tall for her age (85%)…so we’ll thank both her Papa and all her uncles on the Mancuso side for that.  And I guess I’m not exactly a shrimp either 😉

I’ve been so excited to make my baby her first food..but when the time came, I actually got a little emotional.  Giving her food from a spoon means she is growing up and is just a teensy bit less dependent on me for everything.  I love this age, but I also just want the time to slow down.  

We’ve discovered she loves paper.  She’ll grab at anything paper-ish that we are holding.  I’m pretty sure she’ll give herself a paper cut soon!  I’m hoping she loves reading as much as her daddy and I do! 

Even more exciting is the fact that we took her on her first excursion to the zoo!  (Outside the womb that is.)

 According to Baby Center, she was about the size of a rutabega (whatever that is) at this point!

 And now here she is!  All 17 pounds of her.  (Sorry it’s a little blurry, we forgot to switch lenses before we came, and this lens is much better suited for up close portraits)

She did so well.  We mostly just wandered around the jungle since it was a little breezy outside.  She liked to look at the birds flying and listen to all the different noises. 

 Checking out some turtles.

I’m not sure I can explain how disappointed I was that the aquarium was closed still for renovations.  I had seen a commercial that it was finished, so I kept telling Bailey how excited I was to see the penguins (by far my favorite animal!)  But alas, this was as close to penguins as we got. Can you see the pout on my little girl’s face?  Next time Little Miss, next time.

Daddy’s already teaching her how to drive.

She really did enjoy looking at the fish.  Well, maybe she just liked looking at her reflection in the glass. 

This lizard was just as fascinated with her as she was with it.

 What a precious little thing we have been blessed with.  I thank God for entrusting her to us every day. 

Oh, PS–she can roll from tummy to back (finally!) but REFUSES to go from back to tummy.  I think we may have quite the stubborn, independent little girl on our hands.  (When I told James that, he looked at me, smiled, and said “Just like you…”  Lord have mercy.)


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