And the search is on…

We are in a strange season of life.  James is interning with our church as he is getting a seminary degree online through Liberty University. And we have officially started the job search process…what a weird process, especially for someone called to ministry as a pastor.  Basically we’ve sent out an email to friends and family asking everyone to keep their eyes and ears open to any positions that might be open. We’ve also been looking online at websites dedicated for posting open pastor positions.  We are pretty open to moving anywhere, (although I definitely have a few places I’d rather NOT live..*ahem*…North Dakota…what?  I hate being cold, ok?)

Normally, this would be a terrifying experience, not knowing where we’ll be in a year or two. But by the Grace of God we have had a lot of peace and actually excitement about the possibilities that are before us.  We have both had to work through some sin issues buried in our hearts regarding our future.  Mine was definitely that I was trusting a job to provide for us and not God.  But He is faithful to gently remind me how He has so graciously provided for not only us, but all of His children. 

I watch my precious little Bailey sleep and I am struck at how deep my love for her runs in my heart and soul.  And then I am even more in awe at how God loves and cares for me and my family with a love that is so great and so pure and so perfect that my love for my daughter will never come close to comparing. 

It’s hard to think about potentially moving somewhere far away and only seeing our families once a year.  I want my kids to know and love their grandparents and aunts and uncles.  I love both of our families.  But our love for our families can never outweigh our love for the Lord and our desire to do His calling in our life.  So daily I pray that we will all have peace when we pack up our life and move to wherever God has called us and that any tears will be joyful tears because we are being obedient.  It should be a parents’ greatest joy to watch their children faithfully obeying the Lord, and I pray our parents are blessed as they release us (and their precious little grandbaby) into the Lord’s hands. 

If you read this, and you know of a church that needs a pastor (any kind), shoot me an email, or head over to my amazing husband’s blog to get a feel for his theology and ministry mindset or email him.  We love Jesus and His children and want to be used in glorifying His name with our every movement and word.

And bonus–isn’t he just dreamy?? 🙂  


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