Mother’s Day

Growing up, we always took a picture with mom every year on Mother’s day, so I decided we would have that same tradition.  And I almost took a shower and looked nice for the picture, and put Bailey in something cute with a giant flower on her head.  But I realized that would definitely not be an accurate portrayal of how this Mother’s Day went down.  See, I have mastitis, which is almost appropriate to have on Mother’s day, since pretty much only a nursing mom can get it, so I spent the day sleeping and lounging…unshowered and looking awesome while my wonderful husband took care of everything for Bailey and meI remembered I wanted pictures just before we put Bailey to bed, so she has crazy hair (she just had a bath) and is in her PJ’s too.  It’s only appropriate I guess that we both look a little disheveled and tired. Such is the life of a mother, right?  And what a blessed life it is.

 Kisses for mama!

So thankful for this little munchkin so that I can be a “mother”. 

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