Spiritual Growth and Better Bible Study

There are a few notes I’ve kept on scraps in my Bible for a couple months, and have found looking over this wisdom frequently has really helped me in my walk with the Lord.  The first little note is from a note I read by Paul Tripp.  I think the basis was how to be in a state of continual growth, and here are the 7 things he recommends:

1. Regular devotional study of his Word
2. Consistent and candid fellowship
3. Look for God’s glory in creation
4. Listen to excellent preaching and teaching (my husband does a GREAT job of this.  I am learning.   Our favorites are Matt Chandler, Paul Tripp, Tim Keller..I’m sure James has a few more)
5. Invest quiet mental time to meditate on his goodness
6. Read excellent Christian books (excellent being the key word.  There are a lot of “junky” Christian books out there that do nothing to grow you in the Gospel.  Make sure you investigate who the author is and what they really believe before taking what they put in writing to heart.  Remember, the only inerrant word is the Word of God).
7. Spend ample time in prayer

After looking through this list, I realized there were a few areas where I really needed help in.  I emailed a couple friends and quickly got a plan to take care of #2.  In fact we just met this morning (EARLY) and I have LOVED my time with those women.  Unfortunately the summer is pulling us in 3 different directions, so this morning was our last for now.  Time to seek out some more consistent and candid fellowship. 🙂

The other note I recently re-found in my Bible is about having a better personal Bible study.  I honestly don’t remember where I got it, but I imagine it is from Paul Tripp as well.

1. Actively serve and participate in a local church to learn with and from other Christians (Colossians 3:16)
2. Be under the authority of Scripture to be interpreted by it, not over the Scripture to be interpreted by you.  (Heb 4:12-13)
3. Pick up the Bible for life transformation, not just mental information (John 5:39-40)
4. Pick up the Bible for relational purposes-not functional ones–so that you will love God and not just know or use him (Matthew 7:21-23)
5. Don’t just get into the Word; get the Word into you (Psalm 119:11; Ezra 7:10)
6. Take advantage of godly Bible commentators, your pastor, respected theologians in church history and wise Christian friends to better understand Scripture. (Romans 12:7)
7. Don’t think you need more knowledge.  Often you need more obedience to the knowledge you already have. (James 1:22)

I pray those are as helpful to you as they have been to me! 


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