We Love Summer

Our July is camp-crazy.  This past weekend James and I spent at Girls’ TRAC (Teen Reach Adventure Camp) where he was the camp speaker and I was a counselor for some high-school girls.  To say that I had fun would be an understatement.  Being at camp for me is like being home. It’s basically second nature and I LOVE it. I’ve decided to treat being a mom like being a permanent camp counselor. 🙂  This weekend will be Boys’ TRAC where James again will be the speaker and I will be one of the photographers! Can’t wait to use our awesome camera for pictures other than just our little sweetheart! Then Sunday we pick up Little Miss and trek to a weeklong summer camp where again, James will be speaking and I will be just hanging out at camp again! Woohoo! 

So basically when we’re not at camp this July, we’ve been swimming, because it is just so hot!  And our Little Miss is pretty much a fish already. See for yourself. 🙂


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