Using your mind for the Glory of God, No more excuses!

I first felt convicted about this back in October when I heard John Piper give a very compelling talk at The Gospel Coalition New England conference about using your mind to fuel your faith.

Watch his talk here (A Gospel Shaped Mind):

School always came pretty naturally to me. I didn’t have to work very hard to get and maintain good grades, even in college. Unfortunately, this habit of doing little and reaping rewards has always seemed to eek it’s way over into my study of the Bible. My husband is a big theology nerd, and loves reading and studying. So I have always somewhat relegated the hardcore studying to him.

However, I have always had this inkling that I will be involved in leading and teaching women wherever we end up, and always had the nagging feeling that I needed to be studying more theology and scripture to aid me in growing the gifts that God has instilled within me. I can’t use the excuse that I am a woman and won’t ever be a pastor so I don’t need to know deep theology anymore. 🙂 And the past 3 months worth of conviction came to a culmination in a sermon by a guest speaker at church this Sunday.

Dr. Owen Strachan is an assistant professor at Boyce College in Louisville, KY. He came to Brookside to teach on Theology for Life, and needless to say, thoughts were racing through my mind during his whole talk. I was pretty convicted when he mentioned a church buying its entire youth group Wayne Grudem’s book, Bible Doctrine and the youth loved it. I knew James had this book and always thought it was just too deep for me. I’m also a mom, so I use the excuse that I don’t have a lot of time to read much more than my Bible. (And even that gets neglected on certain days!)

I’d really encourage you to listen to his talk here: (Institute Sunday: Why we need theology)

So. I looked through my day. How can I increase my study of Scripture in order to love God and know him more? First thought, and what a novel one it was, TURN OFF THE TV! I am much more motivated to get things done when the TV is off. And let’s face it, there’s not much, if anything, on TV that will draw me closer to God. So it’s off. I also had been using Bailey’s naptime to take a nap myself lately. I’m pregnant and don’t sleep well, so I’m usually tired. But you know what? I’ll get an eternity to be rested eventually, so I’d rather be tired, and have a deep regard for Scripture and my Lord than be rested, but very shallow and immature spiritually.

So this morning, I used my Youversion App to read me my Scripture reading from Ezekiel while I followed along in my Bible and Bailey sat on my lap. This way, now that she’s asleep, I can quickly clean up the apartment and start studying! Wayne Grudem, here I come. 🙂

I also used to think that I only had the 1-3 hours in the afternoon that Bailey slept to read and pray and study. But you know what I realized last night? Bailey goes to bed at 8pm (usually). James and I usually head to bed around 10ish. That’s 2 whole hours of my day that are usually spent laying on the couch watching TV. So last night, I watched The Biggest Loser (while eating donut holes, yes…I know..) and at 9 when it was over, we shut off the TV, grabbed our Bibles and read. It’s only fitting that the women in our LIFEgroup are going to start going through Barbara Hughes’s “Disciplines for a Godly Woman”. So I read the first chapter and was thankful for God’s grace in my life in this area in the past few days.

I invite other women to join me in 2013 in becoming great stewards of our minds and time and use both for the Glory of God! Turn off the TV (especially The Bachelor! Puke..) and read something productive and study God’s word. We are mothers and sisters and friends, and we as well as our husbands are to not take lightly the study of God’s word. It’s a serious thing, and I think I’m finally ready to “..throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and…run with perseverance the race marked out for us..” (Hebrews 12:1).

My goal is to read a chapter of Bible Doctrine each week (and Lord willing get together with some other women to discuss it), but I’ll also try to post a summary or something of the like here each week to help me process. I’ll also be reading a chapter of Disciplines of a Godly Woman each week for our LIFEgroup, so that will be incredibly helpful as well.

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