The Unwasted Mind

In our Community Group, the women have been going through Disciplines of a Godly Woman by Barbara Hughes. I’ve mentioned it a couple times now. In her chapter on Discipline of the Mind, she makes a case for strengthening your mind through 1. the deep study of God’s word, and 2. reading great Christian books. I don’t take her to mean Christian fiction books. While those are not bad, they often are for mere entertainment. I think she is referring to books that stretch your mind and cause you to think deeply about theological truths within Christianity.

So after mentioning a few books to a student last night that have been really helpful to me in my study of the Old Testament, I decided to come up with a somewhat lengthy list of books I want to tackle. I want to be realistic and know I won’t read them all this year (especially with a baby coming in June, my sisters’ wedding in July, and Lord willing, a big move to wherever The Lord leads us for James’s job). And my first priority is always a deeper knowledge and love of God through the study of His Word. So I refuse to neglect that.

That being said, here is the beginning of the list of books I want to read. If it’s here on my blog, then I can’t lose it 3 years from now when I want to come back to it!
Bible Doctrine: Wayne Grudem (Currently reading/studying)
Explicit Gospel: Chandler and Wilson (Also currently reading…slowly)
Give Them Grace: Dazzling Your Kids with the Love of Jesus: Elyse Fitzpatrick (Started a while ago)
Think: John Piper
Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Piper
The Gospel Centered Woman: Understanding Biblical Womanhood through the Lens of the Gospel: Alsup
Prodigal God: Tim Keller
The Pleasures of God: Piper
Generous Justice: Keller
Counterfeit Gods: Keller
(Yes, I know they’re almost all Piper and Keller books. I will branch out, I promise.)

And I want to also do the following Bible studies from Nancy Guthrie (I did The Promised One, Seeing Jesus in Genesis last fall with our Women’s Bible study and loved it! Perfect companion to my journey through the Old Testament this past year)

The Lamb of God (Jesus in Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy)
The Wisdom of God (Jesus in Psalms and the Wisdom Books)
By His Wounds You were Healed (Study of Ephesians by Wendy Alsup)
“Spare no effort to use your mind. Spare no effort to think rightly.” Piper

“Use your mind to stoke your passion for God. Don’t waste it!” Piper

“Why should we bother with Christian reading apart from Scripture? All the Christians who have come before us are offering a wealth of accumulated knowledge and wisdom. To feed on their ideas and experiences is to reject spiritual anorexia. Great Christian writing will magnify, dramatize, and illuminate life-giving truth for us.” Barbara Hughes

“The mind is greater than any and all computers, because it can possess the mind of Christ and think God’s thoughts after Him, hear His heart, and do His works. What an eternal tragedy it is to have such a mind and have it redeemed, and yet not have a Christian mind. Bring your mind under submission to the Gospel.” Hughes


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