Happy One Month Hope!

Our little Hope is now One month old! And only 5 days past her due date. 🙂  We are so thankful and blessed that she had no evidences of being a preemie, even though she was born at 36 weeks and 2 days.  Well, I guess the fact that she has literally been asleep for the past month is one evidence.  She is INCREDIBLY sleepy and very few people have actually seen her eyes because they are so rarely open.  However, each day she seems to give us more and more alert time, which we are eating up.

She has gained weight extremely well (evidenced by the fact that she is quickly growing out of her newborn diapers) thanks to her insatiable appetite.  She eats a LOT, even though she seems to have a constantly uncomfortable tummy due to a possible dairy intolerance.  Thanks to that possibility, I have cut out diary from my diet, so please don’t offer me ice cream or cheese..I might cry. 😉
Bailey seems to have adjusted very well to having a little sister in the house.  She is constantly carrying around her “baby” or a stuffed animal–putting them in Hope’s car seat, her swing, wrapping them in blankets and holding them, etc.  
Bailey herself will be 22 months in just 2 days!  My how the time flies.  It feels like just yesterday I was on the couch constantly with her as a newborn.  I must say, I got so much more rest with only one child at home than I do with a newborn and a toddler.  But the huge blessing is that James has been home the majority of the time so he’s been a HUGE help…but we both are completely and utterly exhausted. I think we both have a constant headache and there have been several times over the past month where I have gotten the absolute hysterical giggles at something mundane he has said just because I am past the point of no return in terms of sleep. And little to no caffeine for me, thank you!  Yikes. But the exhaustion to the point of tears is definitely worth it in our books and we are cherishing each moment with our two little ladies. They are so fun and we are so blessed to steward their little lives on this earth.

Fresh outta the womb!
One month old today! (Sorry it’s blurry, for all the “love” of iphone cameras, iPad cameras STINK.)
Stay tuned for some HUGE news for our family! It will get it’s own post so this one doesn’t turn into a novel! 


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