New York, here we come!

So here’s our BIG NEWS!  Thankfully it’s not “baby #3 is on the way”.  Ayayay, just thinking that makes me need a nap. 😉  James has been hired as the associate pastor at a church in New York! This has been in the works beginning in March when he first found and applied for the job. After a series of Skype interviews with members of the search committee and the head pastor, they had narrowed it down to two men as potential candidates.  So at the beginning of May, they flew James and me out to visit (me being 34 weeks pregnant!).  We fell in love.  The city is smaller than Omaha, but we loved it.  It’s such a beautiful mix of “country” and “city” that it marries both of our loves together (James is all city-boy, and I will forever be a Nebraska farm-girl I’m afraid!).  We came home from the weekend begging God to let them choose us.  They had one more guy to bring out a few weeks later.  And upon his departure, they would decide and let us know.  Let me tell you, we prayed a lot those two weeks. Of course we wanted what The Lord wanted for us, but we were asking and pleading that he would bring us to this church. They essentially had everything we had been praying for in a job for James.  It seemed like a “match made in heaven.” 🙂  

Then the night came that we knew the elders were meeting and deciding.  The clock was ticking away and I was feeling very miserably pregnant.  Being an hour ahead of us, we had given up hope at about 8:30 pm of hearing from them that night. Then the phone rang! They had chosen James to be their official candidate!  Oh praise Jesus.  That meant another visit for James and he would meet a LOT of people, answer a LOT of questions, and preach a sermon.  He was going to fly out the weekend that our baby was due, in faith that she would have come already or we would have induced thanks to all my contractions. Well, little did we know she would come quite so early!  I actually went into labor that night at 36 weeks, 2 days pregnant.  I couldn’t sleep because my back hurt so bad and eventually we called James’s mom to come stay with Bailey so we could go to the hospital to get me checked out.  They monitored me for about 4 hours before admitting me…and little Hope Avery Pruch was born around 1pm that afternoon!  We joke that she was so excited about the news that she just couldn’t wait to come!
Well anyway, fast forward to Father’s Day weekend and James went to New York. The weekend went wonderfully and we waited until Tuesday, June 18th when the congregation had their meeting to vote on whether or not to make him their official Associate Pastor.  We got the call that night that they had approved him with a 95% yes!  All he needed was 2/3 of the voting members in attendance and God gave us 95%!  
So many steps of faith were taken to get us here, and if I were to write out each one, this would be a very long post, but I have no doubt you would praise The Lord along with us as you saw his hand working amidst our journey.  Maybe someday I’ll write a book about all the times I’ve been in situations like these and God has never failed to guide and lead and prepare the way. 
Anyway, we move out of our apartment at the end of the month and in with James’s parents until we can move officially to New York at the beginning of August. Oh praise God from whom all blessings flow! We don’t deserve such a wonderful answer to prayer, but we are so grateful! 
We are praying this will be a very long term appointment. I pray we see the day when we can say we’ve lived in New York longer than Nebraska. Wow.  It really is all still so surreal. My mind and body are still in such a fog from exhaustion that maybe in a few months it will all sink in! 
Praise The Lord again and again!

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