Moving day, part 1

Today is day one of Pruch Family Homelessness.  Well, not really.  We’re moving in with the parents for a few weeks (aka a month and a half) until our apartment in NY is ready for us. Let’s just say that packing and moving with a toddler and a newborn has it’s challenges. First, Bailey is totally neglected, and therefore wants to get into everything. Yesterday I had a bag of clothes ready for Goodwill; I turned around and next thing I know the clothes were all over the floor and Bailey was shouting “Mommy, pretty!” Yes, thank you darling. 

Hope has no idea what’s going on.  She just knows she needs to eat every 2 1/2-3 hours. So between pumping and then feeding her, I’m just not much help to the man in our house.  Hope also was recently diagnosed with some pretty rough reflux and potential dairy/soy allergy, so she is quite a bit more needy than Bailey was.  She wants to be held a lot, and has an incredible amount of spit-up after each meal.  It’s impressive, let me tell you. If you want to hold her, take cover.  You may want a hazmat suit.
So while I pump and type this in my bathroom, Bailey is following my mom around “helping” her clean…probably impeding progress more than encouraging it.  I think I hear Hope starting to demand her mid-morning marathon snack.  Hopefully the men are almost back with the Uhaul boxes which will store all our earthly belongings for the next month+. Neither James nor I got much sleep last night due to last minute packing that convinces you the stuff is multiplying at rabbit pace. 
All in all, it is going to be one chaotic, hectic, busy, stressful day.  And yet, an excitement begins to percolate in my soul.  We are almost ready to begin “the rest of our lives.” 🙂  
And last but not least, I’m sure our under-neighbors are utterly rejoicing at our departure.  Let’s just say our rambunctious almost 2 (but going on 10)year old makes a LOT of noise. Thank you Mancuso side of the family. 

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