Update on Hope and our new friend TED

I never should have said that!  Ever thought that?  As soon as you say it you think, “man, God definitely has a sense of humor and could get me for that comment..” (Not that I really think God works like that..in fact I think he has much greater things to do than use our words against us…nor is he manipulative and evil…but you get what I’m saying I hope.) Case in point: my mom adamantly proclaimed “I will never marry Paul!” Who did she marry?  Yep.  Paul.

Anyway, a few weeks before Hope was born, my friend Leslie and I were talking about breastfeeding moms who have to go on crazy strict diets because their newborns have issues with milk and soy proteins, etc.  I distinctly remember saying “I could never do that!”

And here we are.  Shortly after Hope was born, even in the hospital she started having issues with spitting up.  She actually scared me quite a few times in the middle of the night with her choking and gurgling.  But all the nurses and doctors assured me, she’s premature, her digestive system is just too immature to handle things right now, so it’s totally normal.  Well, fast forward a few weeks and we have the most grunty, stiff, spitty baby I’ve ever encountered.  She always sounded congested, spit up a TON after every meal, gagged and choked multiple times during each feeding, and after she was done eating, she would strain and groan and grunt.  She didn’t seem to want to be held because she would stiffen her little back and throw her head back.  My heart was breaking for her!

I took her in to the dr. and thankfully she had gained a ton of weight, so her issues weren’t causing her to starve, that’s for sure.  She was diagnosed with reflux, and I was directed to cut out all milk and soy from my diet.  Yep, there I was, about to embark on the very diet I said I could never do!  But it’s totally worth it when it’s your little girl and you want her tummy to feel better!  She was on Zantac for about 10 days which really did nothing, and has now been on Prevacid for a few days.  I’ve cut out dairy and soy (although I found out my prenatal vitamin had soy in it and I’d continued to take that this whole time! Blast!).  Her diapers are still showing signs of food intolerances, so believe it or not, today I started what’s called the Total Elimination Diet.  Or, my new friend, TED.  I have a very small list of foods I can eat until we get Hope down to “baseline” meaning no more strange diapers and less crying/spit up.

Turkey/Lamb (but who eats lamb?  Where do you even buy that in Nebraska??)
Sweet/White Potatoes
Rice/Millet (not sure what millet is, so we’re sticking with white/brown rice so far..)
Cooked Yellow/Green Squash
Pears/Pear juice

Yesterday was day 1, and by the end of the day I was so hungry I ended up eating a bowl of oatmeal with a little sugar in it just to help me last through the night.  I am praying that it doesn’t take the full two weeks to get symptom free so I can start adding in other foods. But we’ll see how it goes. So far today her diapers have been a little more yellow/orangey instead of green, which I may or may not have rejoiced over in Dunkin Donuts. James thought it a little unsanitary to inspect my baby’s diaper in the middle of the store, but I apparently didn’t care. I wasn’t eating or drinking anything, so we were good. :)There’s still some mucus and black spots, which I’m thinking are little bits of dried blood.

Stay tuned for some fun pictures of what we’ve been up to with our incredibly long summer break!  We’re making the most of every day that we have daddy home (and grandparents and aunts/uncles) before the big move and we’re left to our own devices in a new city/state.


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