Pictures of our summer vacation…

Enjoy a few pictures of our summer thus far:

Bailey enjoyed the emptying of our apartment as we packed everything up. “Bailey hiding!” (Yes, she always talks in 3rd person)
And the rest of these are from our time so far at James’s parents house. Lots of backyard swimming. She already has quite the tanline from her swimsuit. 

And mostly, we’ve been enjoying as much time with family and friends as possible before we leave in August.
 Saying goodbye to this lady kind of made it actually feel like we are really leaving.

 Bailey will definitely miss this little lady! Although Chloe is 3 years older, Bailey has definitely decided she is one of her favorite people!

Thankful to get to spend plenty of time with these two before they go back to China for 2 more years!


And finally, after a long but fun day at the zoo with Mormor & Papa and the rest of my family, this is how we all felt:

Sorry there are no pictures of Hope!  She isn’t doing much more than eating and pooping and crying right now (notice the lack of the word sleeping in that list…I left it off on purpose..).  I do have her newborn pictures from my lovely talented sister-in-law that I’ll work on getting up next.

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