Hope-Two Months

Our little Hope is two months already. Crazy how little sleep one can live off of for two whole months. 😉

I mentioned a few posts ago about doing a Total Elimination Diet (TED).  The first few days weren’t so bad…but I will admit there have been tears on my part about being only able to eat the aforementioned list of foods.  There’s only so much turkey you can eat and pretend it’s thanksgiving leftovers. And not living in our own place/having my own kitchen only makes it harder to figure out what to eat/cook.

Anyway, we took her to the Dr. who tested her diapers for blood, which was negative.  HUGE praise.  So that means that even though she does have some food intolerances/allergies, whatever is bothering her isn’t inflaming her intestines so bad to make them bleed.  And she is still gaining weight, so that’s also a good thing. 

Her diapers cleared up after about 5 days of nothing but turkey, rice, potatoes and pears, so I decided to add peanut butter in, because well, let’s face it.  I’m hungry. Yesterday she seemed fine, but today has already been rough (even though it’s only 9 am).  So, PB is back out. Back to boringfeast.

She’s also been on Prevacid for almost 2 weeks and we’re still seeing a lot of spit up, so maybe I’ll call the dr. again today and see if we can try something else.  This whole reflux thing is just one long waiting game I feel like.  By the time we get everything figured out, she’ll be 1 and will have grown out of whatever is bothering her.

Just a few more days in Omaha and then we’ll be spending the remainder of our time in Nebraska in Lincoln with my family.  Just a little under 3 weeks and we’ll be full time residents of the state of New York!

I’ll take some updated pictures of Hope today hopefully, but here are some of her newborn ones, taken by my wonderfully talented sister-in-law, Julie, and her friend Steph. Keep in mind, these were when she was a little over 6 lbs.  She is now almost 11! (Like I said, she has no trouble gaining weight.)

And these last two are my absolute favorites:


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