Normal baby?

Having a baby with reflux and food issues kind of consumes your mind when you’re in the thick of it. And it seems that everyone I talk to has either had a baby with it or knows someone with a baby like Hope.  Some have encouraging things to say. Others should probably think twice before they tell an exhausted mom that their granddaughter was so allergic to everything that she couldn’t eat normal food until after her 2nd birthday.  Wow.  Didn’t need to hear that.

Anyway, we started our last leg of our homeless saga by moving in with my parents for the last 2 1/2 weeks. We got here Wednesday, and let me tell you.  Hope was a completely different baby yesterday. We stuck with the Prevacid after a good convo with her Dr. (more about that later) and I’m still on the crazy diet. And lo and behold, yesterday she napped, ate, and was awake on a totally normal schedule! She was able to be on a perfect 3 1/2 hour schedule which thus far has been UNHEARD of. The house is so quiet right now I don’t even know what to do with myself.  
However, last night was just awful.  Between our 2 year old waking up and “needing” me, to Hope waking up every 2 hours starting at 1am, I’m not sure how we survived. 🙂  Grace of God, definitely. But so far today she’s had a great day again, so we’ll just keep praying that someday soon we’ll get a good night’s sleep. 
I have eaten a banana, several plums and a bowl of this awesome crockpot oatmeal my mom made since Wednesday in addition to the TED. No changes in her poops so far, but hopefully last night wasn’t an indicator that one of those things didn’t agree with her. 
Even though this can and is quite overwhelming at times, I know there are parents with children with much bigger issues that would love to just have to worry about reflux and some food allergies.  So I’m thankful beyond belief for God’s grace on us that our children are otherwise healthy.
Speaking of healthy children, our 2 year old is yelling from her crib. Time to go rescue her from her naptime prison. 🙂

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