What do you say to those who are hurting?

There are moments in time when my heart is so overwhelmed by the sadness around me that I simply cannot sleep.  Tonight is one of those.  Friends’ babies are sick and have not left the hospital since birth. Friends of friends’ babies were born with only a few hours to live on this earth.  Friends’ grown children needing organ transplants in order to survive.

This should not be so.

And yet it is.

I know to pray. I know to ask God to heal, comfort and provide the much needed organs. Yet as I begin to pray, I am overwhelmed by the staggering amount of pain and suffering in this world and I think “I will not sleep tonight if I keep praying.”

I also know that we don’t intrinsically deserve healing and wholeness this side of the Kingdom.  We live in a fallen world, and even though in Christ I have the promise of perfection, that promise is based upon God’s restoration of all creation to its completely new and eternally perfect state.  We are not there.

No amount of faith on my part will change God’s will. So my faith then rests in the perfection of the One who holds that will.  He is perfect.  He is good.  He is caring, kind, loving, gracious, just, and on and on. There is no bad in him. In Him will I hope.

Just saw this video about living on mission for those suffering where your hands and feet simply won’t fix the hurt. What do you say to those who are suffering?  Watch it and pray.


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