Life in New York…

How are you adjusting to life in New York?

We get that question a lot.  We’ve been here for 2 months now and feel somewhat settled. I no longer need the GPS to get absolutely everywhere. Just new places and people’s houses.  I’m absolutely in love with fall here.  I loved fall in Nebraska, but add like a million more trees and my heart is full when I step outside and the crisp clean air flows over my skin and into my lungs. Each day I drive on the Northway (interstate for all of you non-New Yorkers…I’m picking up the lingo!) I am astounded at the tunnel of color I get to witness.

However, we have a blessed little two year old who is totally and completely wearing me out emotionally and spiritually.  I had no idea how difficult it would be to mother a very passionate and outspoken toddler.  Her tantrums have left me in tears on more than one occasion.  I’m not sure what exactly is going on, but a few major life transitions all mashing into the same time-frame in her little two year old mind seems to be a little overwhelming for her.  There have been days where I have envied women who can drop their children off at daycare and deal with adults for 8 hours.  (I’m not saying they have it “easier”, I’m just sharing how I’ve felt)  I want an 8 hour break from the whining some days.  🙂 There are moments when I close my eyes and beg Jesus for just one more ounce of patience because I have none left to extend to a little girl who desperately needs me to be patient with her. How she understands the Gospel and Christ’s love for her will be formed and shaped by how I mother her, and that is not a job I take lightly.

Some days, I just need to stay up at night to enjoy the quiet that ensues after yet another bedtime meltdown.  And some days, I would just love to sleep but it evades in my moment of necessity. Tonight is a night when I just needed to enjoy the peace after a day of whining, losing privileges, and acquiring a stack of toys she is no longer allowed to play with, etc.

During my quiet evening, I read this and just wanted to share it because sometimes you just need a little encouragement when you stay at home with kids all day.  What do I do all day? 🙂  I haven’t gotten that question yet. I pray I never do, but this husband’s response to this question in regards to his wife is terrific.

So life in New York is going well.  I’m still adjusting to having a toddler and would appreciate prayer from whoever reads this that I would continue to point my little girls toward my Savior who will always be kind, patient and loving with them, even when I am not.


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