Now I Pronounce you…

Associate Pastor of Grace Chapel of Clifton Park!

My husband was officially installed as the Associate Pastor of Grace Chapel this morning at church.  It was such a cool ceremony and I was so honored to be a witness and participant in it.  I only wish I had been able to record it or at least take pictures!  We hope and pray to be part of this congregation for a long time and need to be better at taking pictures of our “firsts” here, and this would have been an ideal situation.  Maybe we can reenact it again next week. 😉

After singing, Bruce (our head pastor) called both James and me forward to stand before the congregation as Elders, past and present, gathered around us.  Bruce read statements for James to affirm in the form of vows, and then the congregation affirmed and responded, and then the coolest part was they had James kneel before the congregation and the elders layed hands on him and prayed over him and our family.  What an honor to be part of something to meaningful and humbling.  The hand of God has been all over this transition, and it was so cool to hear how they started their search for their Associate Pastor way back in December of last year, and we had been searching for quite a while and just praying for God to lead us in the right direction. And as we stood before our new church family, it was a complete affirmation of the Lord’s hand on our lives thus far.

James then preached on servant leadership (he didn’t even plan that!).  How humbled we are to be chosen and called halfway across the country away from everyone we know and love, to become part of this family. We have been so very warmly welcomed and are so blessed.

We then celebrated with Chipotle for lunch, a movie and a nap (I saw maybe 3 minutes of the opening credits), a family walk to enjoy the autumn weather and foliage, and steak, potatoes and green beans for dinner. Delicious!

ALSO, 3 nights in a row now, Bailey has gone to bed without screaming her head off.  Praise God from whom all blessings flow, this is truly a miracle.  She still has her fair share of tantrums, but putting a happy toddler to bed is much preferable to the somewhat terrifying scene of an angry toddler refusing sleep.

AND, most of you know Hope has had some issues with reflux and I’ve been doing the MSPI (Milk/Soy Protein Intolerance) diet meaning I don’t eat dairy or soy.  I tried some mozzarella cheese on Friday and yesterday and had some chocolate in my smores last night (how can you pass up smores around a bonfire??) and Hope has been totally the same as always, so we may be overcoming this hurdle as well!  We’ll tread lightly for a while with the dairy, but to be able to have it even in moderation would be such a relief!


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