6 Months

Our little peanut is 6 months old today! I cannot believe all that has happened in her short life. Talk about transitions! Two months after she was born we moved out of our apartment in Omaha to spend a transitory period with both sets of our parents..so we went from Omaha, to Lincoln, and then moved 1/2 way across the country to New York! Did I ever tell you how awesome she did on the airplane? She got compliments from strangers. 🙂  Both my girls did. They rocked air-travel.

Hope is the happiest baby I’ve ever met.  I’m not even just being a biased mama, she smiles and laughs more than I can explain! (Except right now, she’s being cranky and ‘needs’ to sit in my lap or be held.)

She tried some oatmeal cereal tonight…which then came right back up along with the milk thanks to her reflux. Maybe tomorrow more will stay down. 🙂


Just for reference, here’s Bailey at 6 1/2 months:
I’d say you can tell they’re sisters. 🙂


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