A Weekend with Missionaries

Two of the women in this video spent the past weekend in the blustery, snowy, cold, northeast to participate in the Justice Conference for which Grace Chapel was a satellite/simulcast host site.  I wasn’t able to actually attend the conference because James was there and our two littles needed at least ONE parent around. 😉  However, I did get to spend some time with them and I think I speak for everyone who interacted with them when I say it was a blessing to have them here! Sidney and Ruth were such an encouragement and blessing to us as they shared about the ministry God has given them among men and women captive in slavery–physical and spiritual.

As Sidney, Ruth, James and I chatted on Monday afternoon over the sounds of Despicable Me and baby babble, we noticed a trend in conversations they’d had with various groups of people.  They perceived amazement that they would give up everything and move to a foreign country and make it their life mission to tell people about Jesus.  With James in full-time ministry, we understand the sentiment somewhat, but let me tell you, it’s a lot less sexy to pack up and move to Clifton Park, NY, to be an associate pastor at a small church and tell people about Jesus (even if it’s 1500 miles from home) than it is to move to Costa Rica to tell prostitutes about Jesus. 😉

The more we talked, the more we agreed there is a growing problem (maybe it’s never NOT been a problem?) amongst “American” Christians. We think the only people whose entire lives need to be centered around sharing the Gospel are missionaries and those in “full-time ministry.” We think they are radical and we could never do anything like that.

The truth of the matter is that if you’re a Christian, the purpose of your life is to glorify God and spread the gospel.  What does that mean?  Your entire life should be about the gospel and freeing people enslaved to sin.  Think only a prostitute on the street corner of San Jose, Costa Rica is enslaved to sin? Think again my friend. Everyone you meet is either slave or free, and true freedom only comes through Jesus Christ.  So Christian, whether you’re a pastor, missionary, stay at home mom, business owner, engineer, teacher, news anchor, or dog walker, you are a missionary.  Start living like it. Love your neighbors, coworkers, kids, friends, bank teller, grocery store clerk and barista enough to share with them where true freedom comes from.

Bailey’s new best friends in Costa Rica! Maybe she’ll get to come with me to visit them someday!

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