Ash Wednesday and Lent with Kids

My husband wrote a great blog about why you should consider observing Ash Wednesday and Lent.  Our church had a small gathering which gave space for reflection, thoughtful prayer, worshipful singing, and celebration of the coming season. At least I think that’s what happened.  You see, as a pastor’s wife with two small children, I rarely enjoy services like these because James’s presence is required, which means my children require my presence. Which I am happy to give them, but sometimes I’d like to celebrate with the rest of the church body!

So we tried.  We brought the girls, Hope in her jammies since we knew it meant a later bedtime. I had  a bag armed with snacks, diapers, more snacks, blankies and a paci. We sat in the back. I was prepared. 

This lasted for one song. 
Actually Hope didn’t even last the one song sitting with me. She ended up wandering to the row behind me where one of her favorite couples was sitting (kindly joining the lonely pastor’s wife in the back!). 
As soon as daddy got up to speak, they had a really hard time staying quiet and of course were the only kids under like 10 there so they were the only real distractions. 
So…we spent the remainder of the Ash Wednesday service here:

Listening to this:
…and that’s ok. I want to teach my kids that they are welcome in the worship service, even if they can’t be silent. I want to worship together as a family even if they are just a little too young to understand. And sometimes James is gone a few too many evenings during the week and misses bedtime and the girls just miss him. This week was one of those weeks and I just wanted the girls to be around him.  I just wanted to be around him! So we came. And we didn’t conquer. And that’s ok. 
I’ll be observing Lent by staying off social media, studying Isaiah, and attempting to write more.  🙂  

One thought on “Ash Wednesday and Lent with Kids

  1. Anna says:

    Hey Carly! Just saw your comment on my blog – so glad you stumbled upon me through our church's job posting! (Did your hubs apply? just curious ;)) Love meeting other pastor's wives. 🙂 Your girls are adorable!


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