Throwback Thursday

Hope Avery turns two today! 
Brand new, 4 weeks early:

And here she is this morning! We got to celebrate in Nebraska this year at Grandpa and Grandma’s house! 
And then we went to the zoo! In case you hadn’t heard, Omaha has the #1 zoo in the world. 
So that’s fun. 

Now for another fun Throwback Thursday: Bailey was due September 6, 2011.  Here she is in my belly at 25 weeks.
 Our little man and 3rd child is due September 5, 2015, and here he is at 25 weeks. The flash actually ruined this picture, but you get the idea.
And tonight, we actually get to have a family birthday party for the little lady of the hour.  One of the hardest things about living so far away is not getting to celebrate with family, especially when the kids are little, so I am very thankful to get to have a birthday party for my girl on her actual birthday with at least half of our family!  (The lucky girl gets another party next week at my parents!)

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