And then there were FIVE!

About a week and a half ago, we finally welcomed the newest member of the Pruch family!

Welcome Titus James Pruch, weighing in at a whopping 9lbs 6.5oz at 5:49 am on August 28.

Here’s how his birth finally went down:
I say finally because this kid was a stinker in terms of getting labor going. At about 36 weeks I started having consistent contractions that were timeable, increasing and just a little uncomfortable.  They got as close together as 3 minutes and lasted over a minute each.  They weren’t horribly painful, but after 6 hours of these we decided to head into the hospital to see what was happening.  As soon as we walked into the maternity ward however, everything stopped. I’m pretty sure the nurse thought I was making it up. So we went home a little frustrated, but glad he wasn’t going to be born as early as his sister (Hope) was.  These start and stop contractions happened at least 3 more times over the next 2 weeks and were driving me absolutely insane emotionally. I was scared I wouldn’t know when to go in and would end up giving birth at home or in the car! 
At 38 1/2 weeks (August 26) I had a membrane sweep that started contractions all day but they fizzled out when we went to bed that night. I went back the next day to get something else checked out and the midwife swept the membranes again and I basically left the office in labor. I got home and we started figuring out who was going to come watch the girls that night since our main ‘on call’ babysitters just happened to be going out of town THAT weekend. A dear friend and the administrative assistant at the church had offered to help so James called her and she came right over ready to hang out with the girls as long as necessary (which was a HUGE blessing!) 
We got to the hospital and contractions were pretty painful by this point, but unfortunately when the nurse checked I was still only at 3 cm. So they had us walk for an hour and the new nurse that checked again had MAN hands and told me I was only at 2cm now and that I should just go home and take benedryl and go to bed.  Uh…no thanks. I am in labor. We asked to just stay and be monitored for a while longer and rest there since our kids were being watched and I was sure this wasn’t going away anytime soon. Nurse man hands seemed pretty reluctant but agreed after talking to our midwife and basically just left us alone. After several hours I told James we could just go home, get something to eat and come back in a couple hours but just then nurse man hands told us my midwife was coming in for another patient and said she would check me out. So we waited for her and she checked, then waited an hour and checked again and noticed progress finally so she had us admitted (much to nurse man hands’ apparent chagrin!) After settling into our room, James took a nap and I must have dozed because when I woke up I thought the contractions had stopped and I got really nervous that they were going to send us home again. However, when the midwife checked again I was already at 5-6 cm and she offered to break my water. Woohoo! We were going to meet our little guy in just a few hours! 
However…I was dumb and didn’t have the nurse get my IV and bloodwork ready so after my midwife broke my water I’m pretty sure I got to 8 cm VERY quickly but couldn’t get an epidural before I had bloodwork checked and an IV started. The pain was so intense so quickly I nearly passed out and was put on oxygen for a little while and finally given some drug to take the edge off that made the whole room spin. But once the wonderful epidural man arrived life was much more pleasant and I was able to rest for like 27 minutes (it was probably longer than that but definitely did not feel like it) before I was pretty sure this little guy was ready to come. I had a teamful of nurses at the ready but no midwife (apparently everyone forgot to let her know I was ready to push!) so she sauntered in just to check in and was surprised to find everyone ready to go! 
This epidural was a little different than the ones with the girls’ becuase I couldn’t tell when I was having contractions AT ALL but as soon as he was coming out I could feel A LOT and it was not comfortable. Mamas who do that without any drugs–I commend you! Thankfully I only had to push through about 4 or 5 contractions and he was here! Our sweet Titus was finally here!
Because he was so big for his gestational age, they needed to monitor his blood sugar which brought on a whole slew of frustrating conversations and a few threats from an over-zealous pediatrician (the hospital’s, not our own) but that’s another story for another time.

He found my hair 

Meeting his adoring sisters for the first time:

After a really long and frustrating ordeal with the pediatricians about his blood sugar, we were FINALLY released to go home at about 9pm on the 29th!

And we came home to this! What a sweet surprise from dear friends!

My mom has been here with us for a few days now which has been AWESOME. Having a live in babysitter for the two older kids is pretty nice, not going to lie. And the girls are eating it up! But that also gave me some time to get some newborn pictures of our little guy. 

This face!
This is how Titus really felt about taking pictures.

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