Titus James is 6 months old

My baby boy is (over) 6 months old!  He is the most laid back, happy joyful baby I’ve ever had. He’s also the only boy. Coincidence? I think not. Girls=emotions. 
We finally switched him over to an amino acid based formula (Neocate) which fixed his GI problems almost immediately. 
At 6 months, he weighs about 18.5 lbs., is 28.5 inches long, sleeps from 7pm-about 6am and so far has only eaten squash and sweet potatoes and LOVES them. We have to go really slow introducing solids–one every 7 days just to make sure we can tell if/when he’s having a reaction. It took us about 6 months, but I finally feel like we’re coming out of the fog and getting onto a more consistent and mildly predictable schedule. I think it has been a combination of his GI problems, and having two older siblings who make keeping a consistent schedule difficult. 
Regardless of what is going on around him, this boy smiles from sun-up to sun-down. If he misses a nap, he is still happy and it doesn’t ruin his day, unlike his older sisters. He has 1 1/2 teeth now (one is almost through!) and aside from a few cranky moments at nap times, we barely knew they were coming. 
His sisters love him with a fierce (and nearly smothering) devotion and I pray he grows to return the love.

Those eyes!! I hope they stay this blue forever.

Can we all just agree here that fluffy baby feet are the best?


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