Gifts in the Temporary

There might be no greater privilege than for one who follows Jesus to leave everything to become a missionary. Particularly spending the time building a team of partners who pray and give in order to send people out with the Gospel to those who don’t know him. I don’t think I could have said this prior to this season, but I now know it to be true. I looked at “raising support” with fear and anxiety, but as we’ve witnessed the Lord answer specific prayers and raise up not just a team, but an army to surround us with prayer and provide the financial means with which to fulfill this calling on our lives, I am in awe.

We’ve been given so many evidences of His grace, I can’t even begin to describe them all. And even if I were to relay them to you, I’m not sure you would find them as sweet, because just as a gift is most often intended for a specific recipient, these gifts were meant for us. If I ever doubt his call on our lives, I have many proofs upon which to call to regain my assurance and move forward yet again in obedience and faith.

Amidst vast amounts of meetings and raising children, James and I have had to divide and conquer often, which means he does most of the official ministry partner development, and I basically keep our kids alive. We’re often tired, someone is usually sick, and we’ve had more sleep disruptions in the past two months than we have for years (not counting newborn stage because whew! that’s always the worst.) But we are grateful. We spend a lot of time together as an entire family, my kids spend almost every evening with grandparents and often aunts and uncles and cousins. We meet people we never would have otherwise who love Jesus and happily partner with us to spread the Gospel in Albuquerque among college students and, Lord willing, the whole city. We connect with old friends and visit the zoo and the pool and worship with a new (albeit somewhat temporary) church family. We cover my parents driveway with chalk and meet their neighbors. We live our fairly ordinary life.

And all the while we miss our friends. We talk of our people in New York often. Remind ourselves of fun stories. Our kids tell their biological grandparents about times they spent with people who adopted them as grandkids, and they have no idea how unique and special that is. I’ve been known to tear up on Sunday mornings knowing our church family is gathering without us now. Not having the freedom to truly put down roots yet and cherish a new church family because we have one more move ahead of us. And yet we have sweet friendships in a church here who are willing to take us in and love us and our kids, knowing full well we’ll leave them soon. That in and of itself is priceless.

The Lord is so very faithful, and for every ache and tearful memory, there are gifts and encouragements that can only be from above. We left a neighborhood that was so very precious to us, and the Lord has provided a house for us that will be one yard away from being backyard neighbors with our new Cru teammates. We left friends who were like family, and the Lord has been providing many connections with people before we even arrive.

As the sun begins to set on this temporary season and we can see glimmers of our new life dawning over the horizon (looks like we’ll be moving at the beginning of August, Lord willing, after we close on our house!), we are reminded yet again to treasure every moment and enjoy our time here in the temporary. We praise Jesus for his faithfulness to provide as we’ve obeyed, and we look forward with expectant faith to what he’ll do as his children (not just us) take up their crosses and follow Him to the ends of the earth.

Even to Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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